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"Searching for financing to grow my company took a lot of time away from running my business and each lender handed me a big stack of application forms. SourceFunding.org on the other hand was able to match me with the right funding from the most trusted source and on the first attempt — saving significant time and money — all with the assistance of a personal Funding Advocate looking out for my best interests and assisting throughout the process and when I ran into issues with the lender."

Ashley Warmington Technology Entrepreneur

"Entrepreneurs and small businesses face significant barriers in accessing the financing needed to grow and create jobs. The antiquated process for obtaining financing creates under-served communities and this is a reality we contend with on a daily basis while supporting entrepreneurs both on campus and in the community. Our work with SourceFunding.org is designed to streamline that process in order to level the playing field for all entrepreneurs."

Dr. JoAnn Rolle Dean of the School of Business, Medgar Evers College, City University of New York

Throughout my career working in a community with the nation's highest levels of poverty concentration among African Americans and Latino Americans, I’ve seen how entrepreneurship is a pathway out of poverty leading to sustainable and self sufficient families. However, I’ve also seen so many entrepreneurs and businesses struggle to access the low-cost financing to grow and create jobs. I’m proud to be working with SourceFunding.org to promote an inclusive financial system that levels the playing-field for all entrepreneurs.

Mary Alice Smothers Nationally Recognized Community Development Expert

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We match entrepreneurs, businesses, nonprofits and community organizations with best sources of funding for their circumstances from trusted and transparent community banks, credit unions, non-profit lenders and community development financial institutions (CDFIs).

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